That rugged and withered wooden door…it stood in front of me as it greeted my somber mask… A mask, my soul wore with pride.

My hand reached out for the door knob and rested at it for a while.

I stared at my hand….with eyes hollow enough to engulf the world around me.

Paying my due respects to the time I wasted for this inane ritual, I tightened my grip and opened the door…. closing my eyes, for…I expected to meet a sharp and piercing glare.

But… Rather…I was welcomed by ostracizing darkness.

I stepped inside the room, unknown to the world that lay ahead.

My fear would have paid the merchants well… The room lit up, as bright as a jovial day… as soon as I stepped in.

I was in the middle of a sea of books… both, bulky and thin.

Yes… It was a library… except, this one wasn’t preaching me some modern science. They called it, “The library of life”.

A book called me out. It was the frailest of them all… Its cover was as dark as nothing.

I pulled it out. The cover refused to share an essence to the wisdom ahead, hence… tempting me to dive into the book.

I followed suit, out of grave curiosity.

A cruel flash of light fell on my eyes, forcing me to turn my face away.

The mystic gleam, soon, faded away… and, I… I dared to look at the only page.

It was, but, a mirror.

Engraved at the top, was a sentence that must always echo in my head…

“For once, you may challenge the facts, but the wise don’t question ordeal.”

That was the greatest book of them all.

It compelled me to read myself.

46 Comments on “That book…

  1. words like ‘books’, ‘ liberary’, ‘pages’..make my heart go flutter like a butterfly 😍🙈🤓….this is beautiful🤗

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  2. I said words like ‘book’ ‘liberay’ ‘pages’..make my heart go flutter like a butterfly😍🤓….this is really beautiful🤗

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  3. “with eyes hollow enough to engulf the world around me.” Ouch.

    I don’t think that book will gain a lot of readers, considering what’s up with society. Gripping story line!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree! As a society, we have never been welcoming to the idea of introspection and taking responsibility of our deeds. Our way of functioning always revolves around the torturous “blame game”.
      I am so glad that the plot could invoke your interest and that the message came across as intended.😊
      Thanks for the lovely comment Nour. Always a pleasure to have you here 🤗. Have a great day ahead 😊💕

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  4. You really have a way to keep us mesmerized until the very end and the until the big reveal! The library of life and the book is about yourself 👌
    powerful dear Gauri! This book that we refuse to open and read! “For once you may challenge the facts but the wise don’t question or deal” what a cover!
    And loved the description you provided as usually from the very beginning until the end 👍👍💕

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    • Awww! Thank you so much for such sweet words huguette!🤗🤗
      I am so glad that you like the content! Very true! We all need to take our lessons from the book and look within ourselves!😊
      Thank you so much once again, for the read and interaction! Means a lot 🤗💕
      Have a lovely day ahead!💕

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  5. Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I seriously enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back at some point. I want to encourage continue your great writing, have a nice afternoon!


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