Have you ever stared down the demonic depths of a dingy abyss?


Have you ever felt that sudden urge to resign…when those dark eyes of lucid heights call you?

If not… then allow my words,
To take you,
Through the tranquilizing horror,
And the anxiety-ridden silence,
Of that moment.

That moment when life knocks you down,
You hit your head on the cold and rough floor;
The world goes dead;
Your feet go numb;
Your eyes meet the dark;
And your ears…
Your ears embody those maniacs,
Who talk to the hushed nights
And claim to have learnt the secrets of life.
Those maniacs might be poets!!


That moment, my friend…
Can be the death of your soul.
That moment, my friend…
Can bequeath you with scars…so deep;

So deep…
That an artist won’t shy away before carving them onto a stone and shouting out loud,

“Has the world ever seen a carve so abstract?”

You… my friend,
Will be standing in that crowd of mute spectators,
About to raise your hand to claim that,

“This is the relic to my crippling agony!”

Those words will never leave your lips;
Your teeth will bite your tongue before it sins to let them out!


When you take your pain and pour it onto those words;
When those words escape your mouth and reach some ears;
Then… your pain comes to life;

It becomes your “Forever”!

42 Comments on “Abyss


    ♡ SomeOne suggested to Me recently that Pessimists are more Positive than Optimists I Looked at Her Askance; then She explained to Me that Optimists are Nastily, Negative about ‘Failures’ and ‘Disappointments’ while Pessimists are often Positively, Pleasantly Surprised by ‘Success’, My Jaw Dropped Agape 😮😏🙄



    ◇ Parents Educate
    ◇ Teachers/Lecturers/Professors Educate
    ◇ Experience Educates

    …I Experience without Being Educated by Sitting In Silence; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Experience is an Educator if I CHOOSE!!! to Actively Listen EveryOne…


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    • ◇ Diamond Hard – “suicide” is better for some people; why mention it, ARE You “Suicidal” 🤔 ? – Diamond Hard


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      • Suicide should never be the option and it’s not good for anyone. I am glad that I left that dark phase behind, long ago.☺️☺️
        Wishing you blessings and light 💛💛

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      • ◇ Diamond Hard – then Sickness and Death should “never be the option” either EveryOne; because whatever anyone says In Denial and Paranoia they CHOOSE!!! to get Sick and Die while EveryOne Else, except Me and Others Like Me The Sick Girls and Boys, Wring Their Hands, Wail and Rend Their Clothes covering themselves in Ashes or just Black Funeral Wear 🤔 ? – Diamond Hard



  2. Then that pain comes to life. Beautiful 😋😍😍😍💙. Can’t comment much because words won’t come. I guess my feelings remained inside 💙😍

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  3. This is some poignant reflection to an ugly feeling and hope you will be able to beat it because the mind can be tricky sometimes and it convinces us that this abyss is the only way while we can simply change the destination and just choose another road!
    Beautifully expressed, so deep and so powerful as well 👍

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    • I agree! Abyss calls us when we are down and lonely, but if we focus on the bigger picture, it’s not difficult to know that the best is yet to come and we need to hold on to experience it💯❣️❣️
      Thank you so much huguette! I am so glad you like it 😊😊

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  4. We don’t know that we had already jumped. Did we pass out? Did we die? Did we live? Is this real? Am I here?

    You jumped. The temptation had snared you. Who are you? A mindless follower? Life tempts but you do not yield. You bow to no one.

    You jumped. Why?

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    • Oh goodness! These lines are lovely….💖💖
      I agree! Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re giving into that temptation and just let ourselves fall! We need to watch our steps and heal our hearts!
      This is just a fictional piece…I have gladly surpassed that stage of darkness where I used to have these temptations☺️☺️
      How are you Nour? It has been so long!☺️


      • Thanks 💕
        Optical illusions in the wild :3

        That’s great 😊
        I’ve reached into that stage where I uploaded 50 songs of Twenty One Pilots and NF so I could be inspired 😂😂😂😂 but I’m great tbh wbu?

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