Such is life…

If I could, I would turn back time; but then, if I could, I would never let it pass so quickly. 

The man who invented the hourglass must have been very clever. He gave us the harshest truth trapped in a glass that lies to us about how we can turn it in our favor. Yet, can we?

Then again, the mind who brought polaroids to the world was such a brave rebel. When life taught him how helpless he was, he helped himself with a tool to capture it. Yet, could he?

Life is strange in its ways. A fine storyteller who lures you to the battlefield with its tales of encouragement and a skilled warrior who then slays your courage like a hungry predator. 

Funnily enough, it’s never done playing its games. It will knock you down and down again only to offer you hopes of victory once you don’t want to stand your ground anymore. 

Should you believe? Do you have another choice? 

– Gauri Walecha

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