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Fear of Failure……

Click here to read chapter-1 I was sitting in a rocking chair with a pen and diary in my hand. It creaked as I rocked it back and forth. The room was silent and had a dim oil lamp which accented its decor with a beautiful yellow.  The room was silent, but my mind was not! In my mind, there was nothing but chaos, … Read More Fear of Failure……

When I walked through….(Chapter-4)

Click here to read chapter-5 So, as I was telling you, Stella and Alex were friends since they were toddlers. The friendship that their fathers had for years only pushed their bond further. If I talk about their relationship, Stella was always the spoiled, stubborn child and Alex was like a responsible and caring dad to her. Stella would demand the most impractical things … Read More When I walked through….(Chapter-4)

When I walked through….(Chapter-3)

Click here to read chapter-4 Her head was throbbing with pain.She felt powerless.Trying to shift around in her position,Stella laid there unconscious.She slowly started to open her eyes but immediately covered them with her hand as the moon-light from the opposite window was falling directly on her.After a few moments of lying still and thoughtless, she again tried to get up.It was like a … Read More When I walked through….(Chapter-3)

When I walked through….( Chapter-2)

Click here to read chapter-3 A huge part of our personality and our being is crafted by our experiences as a child. We are almost like a formless rock lying ashore to a river, THE RIVER OF LIFE. Sometimes the water flows slowly and peacefully but at other times God sends the rain pouring down;then there is turbulence, storms or even floods. No matter … Read More When I walked through….( Chapter-2)

When I walked through….(Chapter-1)

Click here to read chapter-2 “Yay! Dad!” “Oh my little sweetheart! How are you?” “Wow! You bought me a gift! There is something in you hands! No, please don’t hide it. Mom, daddy bought me a gift!”, little Stella exclaimed all the way as she ran downstairs to greet her dad. ” Stella, baby it is for your birthday.” “MY BIRTHDAY! Dad, ten days … Read More When I walked through….(Chapter-1)