New:- 19.Dear ‘home’:- Isn’t ‘homelessness’ a bliss, when the walls of your abode chase the daylight out of your life? Click here to read more.

1. Fear of failure…… Why is it so hard for us to win over our fears? Why are we so helpless in front of our brains? Is it necessary to defeat our fears? Why can’t we just embrace them?Click here to read more.

2. Tranquility…. Our thoughts entangle us in their never ending trail. We are continuously occupied by noises in our head and those around us. Its always good to escape for a while.Click here to read more.

3.Across the Fire….I still wonder…..what is more frightening, the beast within, or the cold and cruel world around? Click here to read more.

4.Fallacy…Why is it difficult to live a life where we don’t have to choose between parts of our own personalities? Why do we have to choose between the heart and the brain?Click here to read more.

5.Left in the storm…My mind burned the last bit of love in my heart and left my heart to suffer in the storm of hatred!Click here to read more.

6.Along the walls…I never reached that light, the past never stopped following me and I never escaped the ruins of my present!Click here to read more.

7.Hearts to console…My heart cried for the forgotten paradise!My soul wailed for the bereaved hearts!Click here to read more.

8. That fire… You are either as cruel as her….You are either a slave to her….Or….you are nothing at all….Click here to read more.

9.Lifeless….I lied there. Still. Lifeless. Numb….yet breathing…. for…. I learnt to breathe in, on my emptiness. Click here to read more.

10. Beauty….“Everything “life” is beauty!Everything “death” is beauty too!!”Click here to read more.

11.The battle…The Moon enlightened the world… revealing the face of my opponent. It was me. I hated myself. Click here to read more.

12.The sinners…That is how the world works…We need to follow the law of the land… Click here to read more.

13.That book…That was the greatest book of them all. It compelled me to read myself. Click here to read more.

14.Masquerade… ‘cause, who frowns at the evil when they get to gasp for the artistry. The world has a way to forget justice for glory. Click here to read more.

15.Folly…  But… we bled our way to the doomed oblivion, Just to run away from defeat…
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16.Ghosts…“Do you believe in ghosts?” Yeah…They live in my closet,  And yours too, Don’t they? Click here to read more.

17.Dawn:- For… The dawn mustn’t shine, On your grave….Click here to read more.

18. Abyss:- Have you ever stared down the demonic depths of a dingy abyss? Click to read more.

19.Dear ‘home’:- Isn’t ‘homelessness’ a bliss, when the walls of your abode chase the daylight out of your life? Click here to read more.