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Have you ever stared down the demonic depths of a dingy abyss? Or Have you ever felt that sudden urge to resign…when those dark eyes of lucid heights call you? If not… then allow my words, To take you, Through the tranquilizing horror, And the anxiety-ridden silence, Of that moment. That moment when life knocks you down, You hit your head on the cold … Read More Abyss


Studded with gems, crafted with gold. A lustre so bright… the moon held an intent to conspire the world against it. A smile so kind… the ink stopped bleeding praises for a mother’s heart. Eyes so deep… no man could quieten his curiosity to explore the mystic realm behind. No sculptor’s hands would have dreamt of carving a nose so sharp. The brow screamed … Read More Masquerade

That book…

That rugged and withered wooden door…it stood in front of me as it greeted my somber mask… A mask, my soul wore with pride. My hand reached out for the door knob and rested at it for a while. I stared at my hand….with eyes hollow enough to engulf the world around me. Paying my due respects to the time I wasted for this … Read More That book…