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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. 


I believe, it has been rightly said that, “Words heal better than herbs and strike deeper than swords.” Such is the power of words,and the fact that this power is granted to the human race brings us to a very crucial decision in the journey of life; beyond this decision, the road forks into two radically different life choices.


You can either use your power to heal or to strike. You can either use it to impact someone’s life for the better or just contribute more into the negativity that is already eating us up.


I make a conscious decision to choose the former. 


I have always believed that a story, whether real or fiction, is the easiest and the most beautiful way to communicate a message, even the most difficult ones. When a writer writes a fictional story, he gives a personality to the characters he wrote, and thus, ends up narrating someone’s deepest feelings without even knowing that person. This is what makes every single piece of literature beautiful and worth sharing.


Fortunately, we live in an era which provides us with the opportunity to connect with more people than we could ever have done before; thanks to social media. 


So, grab a coffee and allow me to share some of the stories that I have written with the motive said above. Allow me to serve you some stories straight from my quill, or as I should say ‘From the Quill’.


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